Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Official Logo

Thanks to the mastermind genius himself Robba! love you B

Chinese Japanese help me please!!

I am here! Can you believe it creating my first collection. I am finally doing it, starting my own line. I invited Tristen to come along with me on my trip to help me stay organizes, and focused… slash to help me keep on my budget! Steve-O doesn’t really trust me yet. Anyways enough about other people, and back to me, I have been here two days and already I have ordered all my tags and labels, hang tags. I have found and met with my manufacture who will be doing all my knits. Today was the first day of the textile, and accessories show. I was able to find most of my fabric, and outsource other production companies for my leather goods, woven, cashmere, and denim. This place is so amazing… Everyone here is so helpful, and efficient.

Ok as for my line, I know you are all dying to know what I am creating… You are just going to have to wait, I will be launching fall 2008, I will post pics and my progress as much as I can … hopefully! Todays pictures are of me at the show. Wish me luck guys, its crazy over here.